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About HCLI

The Hemato-Centric Life Institute is a non-profit research organization based in Mount Kisco, New York. Our organization was created to promote, foster and support educational and research activities specifically focused on the importance of blood and its relationship to our community’s health.

HCLI has three specific goals:

  • Explain the significance and functionality of blood in the human body to a wider audience.
  • Provide guidance for a healthier lifestyle by educating the public about elements that influence human health.
  • Encourage our audience to approach their health and lifestyle with a new perspective.

Our vision is a community whose members make educated, healthy lifestyle decisions based on the concept of a “Hemato-Centric life” – a community with healthy blood. To that end, we will:

  • Perform independent, high-quality research with some of the world’s foremost experts focused on the role of healthy blood in our daily life.
  • Provide to the general public innovative and practical guidance based on the results of our research.
  • Reach out to members of the public who would benefit most from changes based on living a Hemato-Centric life.

Here’s something to think about: everything that enters our body – the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat – affects our blood for better or worse. Even our thoughts and feelings affect the condition of our blood. Thinking about the relationship between blood and health brings up many questions.

Can we help our body circulate healthy blood to all of the cells in our body? How can we remove the harmful toxins in our bodies, the metabolic waste products from everyday living, as quickly as possible? How does the environment around us affect our blood? How does what we see and hear affect our mind, and therefore our blood? Which products are safe for use or consumption, and which ones can actually energize or refresh my blood? Stop by our blog and get some answers.

The Hemato-Centric Life Institute’s goal is to help everyone realize the full potential of their bodies by answering questions such as these. To show how to live a healthier, Hemato-Centric life.